02 November, 2021

Gas Prices Have Nearly Doubled in a Year, so Perfect Time to Shut Down Some More Drilling

Biden abandons Alaska oil drilling project after previously vowing to defend it – HotAir

What” You believed him? You’re dumber than he is.

The Willow Master Development Plan has been abandoned by the Biden administration though the administration previously defended the oil and gas project in Alaska. This is a legal victory for climate change activists trying to destroy the fossil fuel industry in America.


We are facing supply chain disruptions, growing inflation, and the price of gas to fill our cars is rapidly rising. The administration is tone-deaf and indifferent to the lives of ordinary Americans. It’s a callous approach to governing.

Callous approach to governing seems par for the course for this “Let them eat cake” administration.

You voted for this. You voted for the destruction of America.

Thanks a lot.

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