06 November, 2021

I Think It’s ”Seller’s Remorse”, Not ”Buyer’s Remorse” Here

They sold their police and now they want to buy them back.

Buyer's Remorse—Re-fund the Police On Ballot in Austin – PJ Media

If it doesn’t win, it’s time to move out.

Actually, Austin is a terrible place to live, regardless. Why would you want to live in the one major liberal stronghold in such a conservative state?

A little over a year ago, Austin, TX was at the forefront of a group of liberal American cities that wanted to defund their police departments. As the story went in places like the Texas capital, criminals weren’t the problem, the police were.

After more than a year of watching violent crime rates go up, the voters of Austin will soon have a chance to re-fund the very police that they took money away from last year

City Journal:

It was a decision made in the dead of the night: on June 20, 2019, at 2 A.M., Austin’s city council legalized homeless camps and panhandling. A year later, in August 2020, the council voted to defund the city’s police budget by more than a third. These decisions sparked immediate consequences for public order—and eventually a fierce backlash from a not-so-silent majority that rejected the council’s progressive agenda on homelessness (though the effects of these policies linger in parts of the city).

This November, Austin voters will have another chance to vote in favor of restoring order. Pending the outcome of Proposition A, Austin could become one of the first major American cities to have its citizens vote to “refund” and restaff the police.

There’s one problem. and PJ Media nails it in the next paragraph.

The cities that threw law enforcement under the bus last year may not find it so easy to bring those cops back. Seattle is finding that out right now. Police officers who felt abandoned by those in charge aren’t eager to rush back in and find themselves in similar situations again.

After you throw someone under the bus, it’s hard to say, “hey, it turns out I really need you”. Well, no, i guess it’s easy to say that. It’s hard to get a response that doesn’t include a middle finger.

Good luck to Austin. My advice to residents: move out.

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