04 November, 2021

Your Regular Reminder of the Chaos at the Border and Who’s Fault It Is

A Large Migrant Caravan Moves North Through Mexico to U.S. – PJ Media

Nearly 500 law enforcement officers attempted to block their path Saturday at a highway checkpoint in southern Mexico, but most migrants—carrying American flags or signs with President Joe Biden’s name—broke past.

They had been waiting for months in brutal heat near the Guatemala-Mexico border for asylum papers that would allow them to travel through Mexico. (Mexico requires migrants seeking humanitarian visas or asylum to wait at the border while their cases are processed.) But frustrated by delays, they pushed through the police force and continued on a more than 1,000-mile journey toward Texas.

Do you really think all of these people will get Visas? Will they stop at border crossings and show passports? I think you can assume not. They will cross the border illegally, bringing the China virus with them.

Thanks,. Joe.

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