04 November, 2021

We Need to Start Making Examples of These People

Pharmacist Refuses To Fill Life Saving Medicine Prescription At Walgreens In Texas [VIDEO] (lifezette.com)

I’ll bet this has something to do with China virus treatments. I haven’t read the story yet. Let’s find out.

[A]pparently a San Antonio pharmacist believes he knows what’s best when it comes to COVID-19 when he refused to fill a customer’s order for ivermectin, which he had a prescription for.

The incident, which can be seen below, happened in a Walgreens in San Antonio, Texas. The customer politely tried to inform the pharmacist that he had a prescription, from a licensed doctor, yet the pharmacist, who is not a doctor, refused to fill it either way. Even when the man told the pharmacist that ivermectin was FDA approved, the guy argued with him.

It should be noted that ivermectin was first approved for treatment in humans by the FDA back in 1996. But apparently, the pharmacist missed that class.

Ding. I win.

Tar. And. Feathers.

He needs to be fired and forbidden from ever working in health care again for the rest of his life.

This kind of stuff can not be allowed to happen.

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