31 October, 2021

I Know I’m Late to This, but It’s Worth Pointing Out Anyway

Virginia Parents Announce 'Not Domestic Terrorists' March – PJ Media

Parents are not domestic terrorists, and if you think they are, maybe you are the real problem.

This is so great. I am glad to see parents standing up for themselves.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed that I’m blogging a lot about thins in the recent past. I’ve not yet caught up to “today”. I’ve tended to avoid items that are time sensitive because of that, but as I get closer to “real-time” I am going to stop doing that in attempt to preserve a record of the history.

So, you’ll see more blog posts about events in the “future” that have already happened. For example, I intend to keep blogging about the #VAGov race probably well after the election is over. I’ll get there. Smile

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