31 October, 2021

I Truly Hope He Ends up Going to Prison

I’m skeptical. But I keep hoping.

Jussie Smollett Is Headed Back To Court Set For November – PJ Media

We’ll have to see where this case goes in November, but in case you forgot…

The actor claimed that he was attacked at 2 a.m. on the streets of Chicago by two masked men after purchasing a Subway sandwich on January 29 , ABC News reported. The men allegedly poured an unknown substance–possibly bleach, possibly nothing at all–on Smollett and tied a noose around his neck, allegedly that is–or at least that is what Smollett told the police. Oh! And the two men allegedly shouted “MAGA country” while doing so because, you know…”orange-man bad.”


Except it turns out that reportedly the two men were Nigerian brothers paid $3,500 for a staged attack. Oops.

Yeah. Oops.

As I keep saying, demand for racism in America greatly exceeds supply. Smollett needs to go to prison and this needs to be a public example of what happens to you when you commit a race hoax.

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