31 October, 2021

Maybe Our Military Should Worry Less About Gender Equality and More About Preparing to Fight Wars

U.S. Officials Sound Alarm On Stunning Chinese Hypersonic Missile Test: ‘No Idea How They Did This’ | The Daily Wire

How did they get ahead of us? Because we didn’t allocate funds and resources to the correct things. We were too worried about offending people and less worried about our own offense and defense. And we better fix it fast, or WWIII is headed this way.

Communist China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile late this summer that circled the planet before taking aim at its target; a test that has stunned the Biden administration.

“Five people familiar with the test said the Chinese military launched a rocket that carried a hypersonic glide vehicle which flew through low-orbit space before cruising down towards its target,” Financial Times reported. “The missile missed its target by about two-dozen miles, according to three people briefed on the intelligence. But two said the test showed that China had made astounding progress on hypersonic weapons and was far more advanced than US officials realized.”

“We have no idea how they did this,” one of the five people told FT.


But wait, it gets worse:

“We’re no longer in a period of overwhelming American dominance but rather one in which our armed forces are adapting to fight against near-peer competitors who are fielding increasingly sophisticated capabilities,” said Randall G. Schriver, assistant secretary of defense for Indo-Pacific security affairs. “Instead of expecting to dominate an opponent, our armed forces are learning to expect to be contested throughout a fight while achieving the political objectives set for them.”

Uhh…we need to be able to dominate. I expect our military to kick a**. And to be so good at kicking a** that no one wants to fight us. The easiest wars to win are the ones that are never fought.

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