31 October, 2021

More Encouraging News

24/7 Operations Might Not Be Enough to Solve Supply Chain Crisis (dailysignal.com)

As a recent Financial Times article underscores, “The US is facing a shortage of warehouse space and truck drivers, and shifting to 24/7 operation will require enormous co-ordination between the publicly operated ports and private sector groups, including large retailers and freight companies.”

The Port of Los Angeles has been operating on a reduced schedule for months, even as record imports have piled up there. That has led to a bottleneck of 73 or more ships waiting off the coast of Los Angeles, compared to usually no more than one ship waiting for a berth in more normal times.

73! When it’s usually at most 1!

Good thing Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg (D-USA) and Team Biden are on the job!

Welcome to Biden’s America. Where America is Running Out of Everything.

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