01 November, 2021

The Poles May Be the Next Domino to Fall In the EU

Out: Brexit. In: Polexit – HotAir

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was locking horns with the European Commission President earlier this month, but he’s been sticking to the same line he’s taken in the past. Poland’s constitution is the highest law they recognize, but it’s not an issue because the country still abides by all existing EU treaties anyway.

He also brushed off suggestions that the recent court ruling could push his nation toward a “Polexit” situation. Or at least that’s what he’s saying for now. The country’s conservative government frequently takes issue with the liberal rulings coming out of the EU and tensions seem to be rising. The dispute with the EU has led multiple party leaders in Poland to suggest that leaving might be an option. And the language they’ve chosen to use isn’t exactly mild. Some of them have recently compared the EU to the Soviet Union and even the Nazis.

Sounds like we’re an election away from anything happening. At least.

And remember, it took several elections for Brexit to occur, even after it appeared to be inevitable. Future dominos will fall much more quickly, though. It will be interesting to see how the EU manages the Poles and if they can hold things together.

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