31 October, 2021

The Border Has Become a War Zone and Team Biden Doesn’t Care

Texas Governor Abbott: Cartels Are Opening Fire On Texas Troops, Biden ‘Abandoned’ Everyone On Border | The Daily Wire

Abbott said that Biden’s reversal of the previous administration’s policies has led to “catastrophic” results on the border, including Mexican cartels becoming even more aggressive.

“And the cartels on the Mexican side of the border, they’re beginning to open fire on the National Guard that Texas has down on the border to secure the border,” Abbott said. “This is escalating into a firing war on each side of the border where Texas and our National Guard are having to defend themselves and defend the state of Texas.”

Abbott said that the hottest point of activity right now is in Starr County “where the cartels on the Mexican side of the border are shooting at the National Guard on the Texas side of the border.”

“And so what Texas is having to do, we’re having to step up and guard multiple points across the entire border,” Abbott said. “The Biden administration has completely abandoned all the people who live on the border, and they’ve abandoned people in the state of Texas[.]

This is dereliction of duty.

This actually is an impeachable offense. It’s quite a bit worse than making a phone call.

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