31 October, 2021

VA Gov Race Looking Very Interesting in the Closing Days

As I mentioned previously, I’ll be blogging late on several real time events as I catch up. This will be the primary one. I don’t expect to be caught up to real-time by November 2, but I want to keep a historical record, even if it’s late.

Earlier posts referred to Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) as the incumbent governor. This was incorrect. He is a former governor.

Democrats Desperate in Virginia : The Other McCain

They do look desperate, and I’ll have more posts about this.

Terry McAuliffe would have been cruising toward a November landslide, were it not for the disastrous failure of Joe Biden’s presidency. Since early August, Biden’s job-approval number in the RCP average has dropped about 7 points, while disapproval has risen by 9 points. Biden has been “underwater” in the polls for six weeks and, now that Americans are increasingly concerned abourt shortages of basic consumer goods because of the supply-chain issue, there is little hope of recovery.

There are real policy issues in Virginia — particularly the controversy surrounding Critical Race Theory, which McAuliffe has bungled — but the toxic cloud looming over the gubernatorial campaign is the stench of Biden’s failure, as even McAuliffe himself acknowledges[.]

Biden won the state by 10 points, just one year ago. And Youngkin is a nobody. The fact that this race is even close should be very disturbing to Democrats, not just in Virginia, but nationwide.

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