15 November, 2021

15 November, 1971

50 years ago today!

Intel releases the first microprocessor for commercial use, the 4004.


What you need to know

  • Intel is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its 4004 microprocessing chip.
  • It is the invention that paved the way for microprocessors as we know them today.
  • It debuted in 1971, though its story began in 1969 alongside plans for a calculator.

In case you've been out of the loop, it turns out calculators and chips go hand-in-hand these days when it comes to groundbreaking news. First, Texas Instruments—the folks behind many of the most popular calculators on planet Earth—got put on blast in a discussion regarding who was responsible for the global chip shortage. Then, Intel came out with a celebratory smattering of informative content regarding the anniversary of the Intel 4004 chip, which came about due to a 1969 mission to build a calculator.

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