20 November, 2021

How Is This Possible?

Are we a superpower or not? Do we have Special Forces or not?

Looks like the answer to both questions is “no”.

Biden’s Pentagon: Likely ‘Dozens’ Of U.S. Troop’s Family Members Still Trapped In Afghanistan | The Daily Wire

At a press conference on Wednesday, a reporter asked Pentagon spokesman John Kirby to provide updates on the “number of immediate family members of U.S. service members in Afghanistan.”

“We believe it’s certainly most likely in the dozens, but one of the reasons we put the memo out last week was to encourage service members to come forward,” Kirby said, later adding, “We’re working this as hard as we can. We take the obligation seriously to our people and to their families.”

President Biden, you did this. This is 100% your fault. We have American families left behind in an area you abandoned. You are a coward and you have betrayed America.

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