16 November, 2021

Joe Biden, You Caused This

CNN Films Child Trafficking Transaction and Does Nothing to Stop It – PJ Media

If this doesn’t make you sick to your stomach, you’re inhuman.

CNN sent a camera crew to film a family in Afghanistan selling their 9-year-old daughter to an old pedophile for $2000. The crew not only interviewed the family and knew that they were selling her to buy rice and flour, but they filmed the entire transaction–including the girl being dragged off while resisting and put in a car. The crew that works for a global network worth billions of dollars did not offer to buy the family food so they didn’t have to sell their daughter. They just watched a child being sold into some kind of sex slavery as a “wife.”

The cameras roll as the child applies makeup in preparation for her new “husband.” The father says he has “no choice” but to sell his daughter for food since the Taliban takeover dried up the humanitarian aid he was receiving. The cameras roll as an old man comes to collect his purchase and drags her away as she struggles. No one does anything. The child disappears into the Afghanistan desert as the voiceover says, “The child’s fate has been sealed.”

Yes, it’s monstrous that the CNN crew did nothing to stop this. But pay attention to what the father said. He had no choice since the Taliban takeover.

Joe Biden, this is your fault. You horrendous coward. You are a terrible excuse for a human being.

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