17 November, 2021

I Said That It Was a Stupid Idea, so Naturally Biden Would Do It, and Look Here It Comes

Biden May Tap Strategic Petroleum Reserve Amid Rising Fuel Prices (legalinsurrection.com)

I have been universally against this no matter who has been President. The Strategic Oil Reserve is not for controlling gas prices. It’s for when our oil supply is cut off. Tapping the Reserve puts the nation at risk. Obama seriously depleted our Reserve and it took most of Trump’s Presidency to refill it. Trump was clever, though. He bought the oil when it was dirt cheap.

Fear that the [President’s poll] numbers will plummet even farther amid rising fuel prices is likely one of the driving reasons the occupant of the Oval Office is considering tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

President Joe Biden may soon tap into the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve to boost domestic energy supply as prices continue to soar heading into winter, according to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

During an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Granholm said the president’s decision could hinge on a forecast due this week by the U.S. Energy Information Agency. Granholm also discussed OPEC’s resistance to the administration’s calls for increased production after it took 10 million barrels per day off of production in response to the pandemic.


It’s like they’re deliberately trying to make the worst possible choices in every case. How in the world did such morons get elected? Well, I guess we should all be happy. We have $4.00 gas, but no Mean Tweets.

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