19 November, 2021

The China Virus Has Made Us All Stupid

Today’s blacklisted American: UCLA threatens to expell remote student for not revealing his COVID shot status – Behind The Black – Robert Zimmerman

No, it really is as bad as it sounds:

You are calling to tell me you will drop my classes after we’ve already paid $70,000 for the year if I don’t upload something about my vaccine status when all of my classes are online,” Walker is heard saying in his video. A UCLA official responded, “Correct.” “Got it.” responded Walker.

“All of my classes are online. I don’t step onto campus. I’ve already paid. We’re a week into classes. My university just called to tell me they are dropping my classes if I don’t report to them about my vaccination.” Walker commented on Twitter.

Seriously, how stupid are you? What does his vaccination status matter to you? He can’t possibly be a danger to you or any of your students in any significant way.

You’re just power hungry idiots. People need to stand up to crap like this and shout “STOP! HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MINDS?”

I think people actually will start doing that in quantity if crap like this continues much longer.

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