20 November, 2021

We Can Have BLM Protests, but Not Veteran’s Day Parades

COVID-19 rules torpedo Austin Veterans Day Parade – HotAir

The Austin Veterans Parade Foundation canceled the city’s parade honoring military veterans due to its inability to fulfill Austin’s COVID-19 rules. Last year the parade was canceled due to the pandemic. This year the hopes of reestablishing the 57-year tradition have been extinguished.

Governor Abbott blasted the city for COVID-19 rules on testing and social distancing requirements that he characterized as too “stringent.” The mayor is not commenting but the Austin Center for Events, which sets the permitting requirements for special events, said it “proactively” reached out over the summer to parade organizers. Organizers expect about 30,000 participants and attendees. The city rules include proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of entering an outdoor event in downtown Austin. According to the Austin Center for Events spokesperson, there is no requirement for proof of vaccination. The governor has banned local governments from requiring anyone get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Funny how these China Virus restrictions are selectively applied.

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