16 November, 2021

He Was Removed Because He Was Too Good at His Job (And Too Loud)

Ousted Border Chief: U.S. Border Security 'Worse Than Ever' Under Biden – PJ Media

He’s still loud.

After objecting to the inconsistency of Biden’s immigration policies, Scott was “pushed out” of his position as chief. “I was told in June that I was going to be moved out of the chief’s position,” explained Scott. “I was told that they … really wanted me to stay, really wanted me to be part of the team, and that they would give me any field leadership position that I wanted if I was willing to stay.” When he asked why they would trust him in one of those alternate positions when they clearly no longer trusted him as chief, Scott said he “got a very weird nonsensical answer.” As a result, Scott felt if he stayed on, the Biden Administration would “control [his] voice” and he knew “the threat of what was going on was too severe,” concerning national security. After 29 years, Scott chose to retire so he could be free to sound the alarm bells to both Congress and the American people about what’s really going on at our southern border.

He just has some wonderful information about those caravans we keep seeing.

Nothing is allowed to cross “the southwest border without the approval of or without paying the cartel,” Scott said. So, in certain locations, these massive migrant groups are used by the cartels as a tool to flood an area in order to draw CBP agents away from other border areas.

“The Del Rio Bridge is a perfect extreme example,” explained Scott. “Hundreds of miles of the border were evacuated by U.S. Border Patrol for days,” he emphasized. “There were literally hundreds of miles of the U.S. border where we have no idea what crossed for days.” While the media and CBP focused on Del Rio, “the cartel was bringing fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, and people that aren’t willing to surrender across that border,” Scott said.

This is what the Democrats want. You voted for this. Please tell me that you finally regret it.


Biden’s America

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