19 November, 2021

Good Question

Other things were misinformation at various times, such as:

  • Masks help protect you from the virus
  • The virus isn’t airborne
  • It will be impossible to create a vaccine in under 3-5 years

All of these were accepted “facts” at times in 2020. Discounting any of these was spreading “misinformation”.

That’s the problem with calling something “misinformation”. Truth changes over time as we learn more and just naturally as time goes by. We now know that natural immunity helps protect you better than any of the vaccines. This is an unequivocal fact and is supported by many studies. However, some social media sites still consider any discussion about natural immunity to be spreading misinformation.

So, tell the Pfizer CEO that he’s lost his mind, and he needs to listen more and talk less.

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