19 November, 2021

And Now We Travel Back in Time to the Day Kyle Rittenhouse Testified in His Own Defense

I already blogged about the verdict here. But I’m still working on getting caught up, so we’re going to travel back in time a bit.

Most observers were surprised when the defense announced that Rittenhouse would testify on his own behalf, especially given how poorly the prosecution had performed so far. Testifying as the defendant opens you up for cross examination. The prosecution wants you on the stand. They want to either force the truth out of you or catch you in a lie. Or just confuse you enough to make you look bad.

But I think Kyle wanted to tell his story. It was a good decision. He stood up to the DA and told us what we’ve all been waiting to hear. He told us what happened that night and why he did what he did. He’s the only person who could do that. Everyone else was just speculating.

Rittenhouse did very well.

More videos of Rittenhouse holding his own against the prosecutors:

The Prosecution Absolutely Wets the Bed While Cross-Examining Kyle Rittenhouse – RedState


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