18 November, 2021

Brian Williams to Leave NBC/MSNBC

Brian Williams To Leave NBC/MSNBC - Victory Girls Blog

Lots of mockery at the link. Too much to excerpt, so I won’t.

I mock a lot of liberal news media here. And Brian Williams has certainly had his fair share of mockable moments. The reason why he’s no longer the anchor of NBC Nightly News is because he got caught lying in news stories.

But I will give him just this one little bit of credit.

In the hours and days after 9/11, when I still thought MSNBC was a good network, I tuned into that station for most of my news. And Brian Williams was on. It seemed like he was on 24 hours a day those first few days. I got my news from him about a world that had suddenly and frighteningly changed. And he was reassuring. He was calm and poised. He told us what had happened and warned us there might be more. But he didn’t panic, and a couple of times he kept me from panicking.

That’s what I try to think of when I think of when I think of Brian Williams. Not the farce he became later in his career. I will miss that Brian Williams. But then I’ve missed him for over fifteen years.

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