16 November, 2021

He Was a Good ”King”, but Might Be an Even Better ”Kingmaker”

Trump says he will be ‘very involved’ in midterms | One America News Network (oann.com)

He’s great with crowds and is great on the stump. He’ll be a terrific asset where desired. Some will want to stay away, and each must judge his/her own needs by their district and state.

His endorsements have been like gold so far. And I expect that to remain true.

The 45th president said he will be “very involved” in the 2022 midterms.

In an interview published on Sunday, Trump said he will be supportive of some GOP candidates in the midterms while being “very non-supportive” of others. He said he plans on backing state lawmakers in Michigan who fought for the election, while lacking support for those “who have been terrible.”

Trump also called out the most recent Virginia governor’s race, calling what happened interesting. “They used my name…the Democrats. So much that they ended up losing. One of the reasons [McAuliffe] lost is because he kept saying Trump, Trump, Trump.”

He added the Democrats played it wrong because of their obsession towards him. “They put me on the ballot. The Democrats put me on the ballot,” said Trump.

Trump didn’t name any candidate in particular, but said he would “stay busy for good people, not for bad people.” He has suggested he will be providing even more candidates with his critical endorsement as the campaigns continue on.

2022 will be interesting.

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