16 November, 2021

I Don’t Have a Problem With This. He Can Endorse Who He Feels Would Be a Better Senator.

Sen. Scott endorses Lisa Murkowski over Trump endorsed opponent | One America News Network (oann.com)

However, it boggles the mind that one of the two most left-leaning Senators in the entire Republican caucus comes from a state as red as Alaska. It’s just stunning that we can’t get a more reliable conservative vote from this state.

But Scott should endorse who he wants. That’s fine.

Florida Sen. Rick Scott (R) announced his endorsement for Alaskan Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R) as opposed to her Trump endorsed opponent, Kelly Tshibaka.

In an interview on Sunday, the GOP chairman said although he fully supports the incumbent, he added any Republican candidate would be “foolish” not to embrace the 45th president’s endorsements. Scott also emphasized Democrats being “obsessed with Trump” is going to benefit Republicans who are focused on winning by actually solving current issues in the U.S., such as inflation.

“I think it’d be foolish not to want and accept Donald Trump’s endorsement, but you’re gonna win not because somebody endorses you, you’re gonna win because you focused on making sure inflation gets stopped, making sure people get a job, making sure your kids aren’t indoctrinated on critical race theory, make sure we have safe communities,” said Scott. “That’s gonna be the issues people care about.”

Scott’s a good guy. I’m sure some Trumpists will hammer him for this. They shouldn’t.

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