20 November, 2021

I Think I’ve Finally Figured Tulsi Gabbard Out

Tulsi Gabbard: Joe Biden Is ‘Tearing Our Country Apart’; Democrats Are Fomenting ‘Anger And Hatred’ | The Daily Wire

She doesn’t expect President Joe Biden (D-USA) to run again in 2024, and she’s going to run as the “sane” Democrat. It might work. If she can convince enough of the party that sanity is needed and win the Democrat primary, she would be tough to beat in the general.

“I think that the American people, it’s clear as we saw in Virginia, it’s actually a positive sign that they’re rejecting the kind of divisiveness, racialization of everything in this country, the fomenting of anger and hatred, that unfortunately, we’re seeing coming from so many of my fellow Democrats,” Gabbard said of the recent elections that took place last week. “And I think the Virginia governor’s election was a positive indication of voters taking a stand and letting their voices be heard through the ballot box.”

When asked about a top Democratic strategist saying that Democrats had a “wokeness” problem, Gabbard responded, “It’s true, you know, when you have people in positions of power, who arrogantly believe that they’re not accountable to the people and who treat us like we’re stupid, like they know better, they know best what’s good for us more than we know ourselves and all we got to do is blindly follow along and listen, it’s no wonder that people are rejecting that.”

She’s not really railing against Democrat policies in general, just the ones that make them look bad to average Americans and Independent voters. Good plan.

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