16 November, 2021

Social Justice <> Math

California Plan To Inject ‘Social Justice’ Into High School Math On Hold After Backlash | The Daily Wire

There’s not enough backlash possible for such a stupid idea.

The California guidelines, which are not binding, could overhaul the way many school districts approach math instruction. The draft rejected the idea of naturally gifted children, recommended against shifting certain students into accelerated courses in middle school and tried to promote high-level math courses that could serve as alternatives to calculus, like data science or statistics.

The draft also suggested that math should not be colorblind and that teachers could use lessons to explore social justice — for example, by looking out for gender stereotypes in word problems, or applying math concepts to topics like immigration or inequality. …

None of these are remotely appropriate for a math class. And if you think they are, then you should not be involved in education.

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