16 November, 2021

Pence Is a Nice Guy, but He’s Never Going to Be President

After Trump I said I wouldn’t make election predictions anymore. I’ll break my vow just this once. Pence will never be President.

Pence Criticizes Biden On Israel Policy at Jewish Event – PJ Media

He’s a good guy. I would have voted for him once, but post-Trump, I can’t. I’ve now seen a Republican who fights wins, and  won’t take any more of the ones who just fight and whine.

At the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership meeting, former Vice President Mike Pence criticized the Biden administration’s ongoing treatment of Israel, saying, “Make no mistake about it, President Joe Biden has turned his back on Israel.”

Pence pointed out to the gathering of nearly 800 people from around the United States that Biden “restored funding for the Palestinian Authority, announced his intention to rejoin the Iran Nuclear Deal, and now the Biden administration is planning to open a consulate in Jerusalem for the Palestinian people. This is an unlawful step and it’s time for Congress to act to deny President Biden from opening a consulate in Jerusalem.”

Good words. True words. But not-Trumpian.

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