19 November, 2021

Back in Our Time Machine to One Week Ago

Don’t worry. I won’t be doing this much. I’m almost caught up to the end of the actual trial.

Jeffrey Toobin: It seems like Kyle Rittenhouse has a 'plausible case of self defense' – HotAir

But point two is the more significant one coming from a professional legal analyst. “The good news for Kyle Rittenhouse is that he’s not on trial for being an idiot,” Toobin said. He continued, “He’s on trial for homicide and in that respect I mostly agree with Joey that this is a tough case for the prosecution because it does seem like he has a plausible case of self defense.” [emphasis added].

It’s good that he got his hands out of his pants long enough to figure that out.

Toobin isn’t the only analyst on CNN today arguing that things aren’t going well for the prosecution. After the judge in the case gave the prosecutor a tongue lashing today, analyst Paul Callan commented that “this prosecutor seems to have made an enemy of the judge.” Callan then explained the Wisconsin law that regulates “propensity evidence.”

The second half of this clip shows two more analysts reacting to that same moment. Civil Rights Attorney Areva Martin agrees that the prosecutor was “pushing the envelope.”

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