20 November, 2021

More Proof That Progressives Have Lost It

Progressives Demand ‘Mistrial’ Over Rittenhouse Judge’s ‘God Bless The U.S.A.’ Ringtone | The Daily Wire

Schroeder’s phone went off momentarily in court on Wednesday and the judge’s mic picked up his ringtone, broadcasting it to the courtroom and those watching the proceedings online. Schroeder, appearing annoyed, immediately silenced his phone and moved on with the trial.

Critics said that the ringtone was evidence of bias because former President Donald Trump would also play the Lee Greenwood song at his campaign rallies. One prominent progressive, Bryan Behar, claimed the patriotic song is the “MAGA national anthem.”

“Apparently, the judge in the Rittenhouse case has Lee Greenwood as his ringtone. That’s literally the MAGA national anthem. Can’t we just jump ahead to the appeal?” television writer Bryan Behar tweeted.

Ok, let’s break down just how stupid this is.

  1. A ringtone is not evidence of bias, unless the ringtone is a rapper screaming “Rittenhouse is innocent”
  2. If you’re offended by “God Bless the USA”, you need to think about that. It’s literally a song extolling the virtues of living in America.
  3. Former President Donald Trump (R-USA) and MAGA have absolutely nothing to do with this trial, and even if they did, someone could like the song and not like the former President.

Seriously, your screeching about tiny things like this make it impossible to take you seriously.

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