19 November, 2021


Violating my precedent of not blogging on something until I get caught up to it, and I’m still blogging about November 9. But this can’t wait.


If you can watch this video without feeling Kyle’s emotions, you’re inhuman.

This was the correct verdict. Any other verdict would have been a travesty.

Look, I’m not trying to argue that Rittenhouse belonged there that night. He didn’t. But neither did any of his attackers. The facts in the case are clear.

  1. Kyle Rittenhouse was in a place he should never have been carrying a weapon he should never have brought
  2. His attackers were in a place they should never have been, carrying weapons they should never have brought
  3. Rittenhouse was attacked and rightfully feared for his life.
  4. If Rittenhouse had not acted to defend himself, he would now be dead.
  5. If you think that the verdict was wrong, then you’re saying that it was okay for his attackers to use deadly force against him, but not for him to use the same deadly force in defending himself.

Finally, if you dispute any of my five points, you’re a complete idiot. These are facts, not opinions.

I will have other posts on the various reactions to the verdict, but those I will cover once I get to 19 November.

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