20 November, 2021

The Other Thing to Remember Is That This Is Directly Contributing to Our Inflation Woes

Record Number of Ships Stranded Outside California Ports (freebeacon.com)

One-hundred-eleven container ships are waiting to unload at ports such as Los Angeles and Long Beach, breaking the previous record of 108 ships set on Oct. 21, according to Business Insider. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, ships almost never waited to dock. A spike in demand combined with a shortage of dock workers and truckers has caused the jam.

The supply chain bottleneck is growing despite pressure from the Biden administration for shipping companies to adopt around-the-clock schedules. In October, President Joe Biden announced that the Port of Los Angeles would operate 24/7. Major retailers including Walmart, FedEx, and UPS would also lengthen working hours, Biden said.

California ports said they would fine shippers that do not comply with the extended working hours and leave their containers too long on the docks. Port authorities in Los Angeles and Long Beach pledged to fine shipping companies $100 a day for every container left on the docks.

The ports began tallying the containers left behind at the beginning of November and will levy fines as early as mid-November. More than 60,000 containers are subject to fines.

Typically, a high number for this would be…two. It is exceptionally rare for there to be more than one. And we have over 100. This isn’t going to end anytime soon.

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