20 November, 2021

All White People Are Racist All the Time

Voting for Black People Is Racist If They're Republicans - by Jim Treacher - Who the Hell Is Jim Treacher? (substack.com)

Extensive quoting from the linked article. Apologies:

If you’re a white person in America, that means you’re a racist. We all know this by now. And because you’re white, and therefore a racist by birth, that means every single thing you do and say is racist.

For eight years, it was racist to ever disagree with the president of the United States because his father was black. For four subsequent years, it was racist to ever agree with the president of the United States because he defeated a white woman. (It gets complicated. Just roll with it.) Every single bad thing that happens in America is due to racism. If you question this article of leftist faith, you are, of course, a racist.

But don’t think that electing a black person to public office lets you off the hook. Oh no. Just because rock-ribbed conservative Winsome Sears is the new Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, replacing a black man who is credibly accused of sexual assault, that doesn’t mean you’re not still a racist.

Read it and weep, racist.

Fivethirtyeight is here to remind us why we’re racist, even when we think we’re not.


I can’t believe this is serious journalism. It would have been in The Onion back when it was funny. Today, it would be in The Babylon Bee. But no, it’s real.

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