19 November, 2021

If You Believe That a Pro-police Flag Is ”Inappropriate”, You Should Probably Adjust Your Beliefs

USC Professor Refuses To Remove Pro-Police Flag Despite Student Protest | The Daily Wire

USC professor James Moore has had the flag, an American flag with a “thin blue line,” on his door since the beginning of the fall semester — but he has recently come under fire for it. Moore told The College Fix in an interview that he first received a complaint from a university administrator who called him and suggested that he take the flag down. Then, last week, an article in the university’s campus newspaper, the Daily Trojan, labeled the display a “controversy,” quoting several students who called the flag “inappropriate” and demanded the flag be taken down.

“This is an inappropriate and unnecessary symbol to have on an office door where USC is, within the last year or two, trying to have a much broader diversity initiative and to be inclusive, especially in the STEM area,” one USC graduate student told the school newspaper. The student also said that after he first saw the flag in October, he voiced his concerns to the Dean of USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering and Office of Equity and Diversity.

You know that the police are the good guys, right?

Moore does.

Moore told The College Fix he was not trolling and defended himself from the criticism. “It’s important,” Moore said. “Blue lives protect black lives, and black lives are not at risk from the police — they are at risk from crime — and it’s blue lives that stand between them and crime.”

Moore listed three reasons for hanging the flag outside his office door: First, to dispute the idea that police are the biggest statistical threat to black people; second, to honor a police detective family member who recently retired; and third, to raise awareness that the murder rate in the United States has spiked 30% in the wake of George Floyd’s death and the rise of the “defund the police” movement.

Sadly, I doubt he’s convincing anyone of the truth of his statements. The people that need to listen to such things never do.

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