18 November, 2021

World Ends. Women and Minorities Hardest Hit.

Pelosi Says Women Face Particular Dangers From Climate Change (dailysignal.com)

I guess they’re shorter, so the floodwaters will reach them sooner.

Oh wait. I’m short. Uh-oh.

What exactly did she say?

“[Climate change] is the existential threat of our time,” Pelosi remarked Tuesday at COP26, the ongoing United Nations climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, according to The New York Times. “It’s a threat multiplier that amplifies and accelerates existing inequities. Eighty percent of people displaced by climate change globally are women.”

The information cited by Pelosi appeared to originate from a 2018 U.N. report that referenced the 80% figure, but it is unclear which study the statistic came from. The report further concluded that women tend to be harmed more than men during cataclysmic climate events because they remain in the home while men are “out in the open” and cultural gender roles “sometimes limit women’s abilities to make quick decisions.”

805 of those displaced are women. Huh? I’m sorry, I’m gonna need some actual evidence before I accept such a ridiculous claim. And, as the article notes, that statistic is backed up by, well, nothing at all.

Nope. I call BS. I need proof. Otherwise I’ll just assume you’re lying. Which does seem more likely.

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