17 November, 2021

This Principal Would Get Two Upraised Middle Fingers From Me, and Then I Would Call the News

Principal Told Mom That Parents Aren’t Allowed in District’s Libraries (dailysignal.com)

Langton previously spoke out at a Sept. 23 Fairfax County Public Schools school board meeting, where she went viral for her calling out the contents of  “Lawn Boy” by Jonathan Evison and “Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe, which she said contained child pornography and pedophilia available to young teenagers in the district’s libraries.

On Nov. 3, she missed a call from the school’s principal, Maureen Keck, who called her again the next day. Keck said it had been brought to her attention that Langton was on campus on Oct. 27 and had checked out “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” which the principal claimed was against the rules, Langton told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

In the school’s defense, the headline of the article is misleading. They didn’t apparently say she wasn’t allowed in the library, merely that she wasn’t allowed to checkout books. But I think the headline is “fake, but accurate”. That is the sense that I get from the school. They didn’t want her there inventorying their selection of books.

Like I said, two upraised middle fingers from me.

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