20 November, 2021

Matt Drudge Is Obsessed With Donald Trump

No, this isn’t going to be one of those “what happened to Drudge” posts, although it could be.

I rarely go to Drudge anymore. It used to be my go to news source, but he’s just gotten too off the wall. It’s always been “stories that Matt cares about” which was fine, when those were the stories that I cared about. But increasingly, that’s not the case.

But I do drop in once or twice a week, just to check to see if there’s anything I missed that I might care about and to check on his obsession with former President Donald Trump (R-USA). Every time I check there are at least one or two Trump links, and they’re always either negative or snarky or both.

Come on.

It’s been a year since the election. Trump is rarely newsworthy anymore. Let him go.

And here’s a prime example. This actually was an occasion where Trump was a minor news story. Yesterday, he released a coffee table book full of pictures from life in the White House. Kind of a nice thing. Nothing earth shattering, but these kinds of things are usually those cutesy folksy stories on the morning news: “Former President Releases Book Showing Parts of the White House We Never See”, etc.

How did Drudge frame it?

Screenshot 2021-11-20 115741

“Trump writes picture book” making it seem as childish as possible, and just in case you didn’t get that, Drudge helpfully twists a quote from Don Jr. “son brags: Dad ‘wrote all the captions’”.

That’s the most negative and snarky spin possible from what happened. It’s just a coffee table book.

Matt, it’s time to move on from Trump. Your obsession is making you look ridiculous.

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