18 November, 2021

This Seems Fair

High School Girl Suspended After Reporting Sexual Assault. Principal, Asst. Principal Suspended With Pay. | The Daily Wire

A North Carolina high school principal and assistant principal have been suspended with pay following an investigation which found that a high school student was suspended after she reported being the victim of a sexual assault. After the suspension of Hawthorne Academy High School Principal Diann Weston and assistant principal Nina Adams was announced, the mother of the girl who reported the assault stated, “My daughter wants everyone to know that she thanks them and it makes her feel she has more support. … We never expected to get as much publicity as we did but we want everyone to know that things like this should be heard and not hidden.”

So, apparently they did their own “investigation” and found there was no “credible evidence” to the girl’s claims. So they suspended her and made her take classes on harassment.

Maybe they were right. Maybe she lied. Maybe she didn’t. Not enough facts in the article to decide. But it was right to suspend them. You don’t get to conduct an investigation in the dark and then blame the accuser in a rape case. Yes, rape accusers do lie. But if you claim one is, you better bring a strong case to back that up. It does not appear that they did.

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