01 November, 2021

Nice to Know That You Live in America, Where You Can Always Get Your Car Repaired if Something Happens

Err…or not?

Parts Shortage Stalls US Auto Repair Business (freebeacon.com)

A parts shortage spurred by a supply-chain slowdown is stalling the U.S. auto repair business, according to Bloomberg.

The shortage is delaying auto parts, such as oil filters and carpeting, causing mechanics to wait weeks rather than days to finish routine maintenance. The crisis has been exacerbated by an international semiconductor shortage, which shrank the supply of new cars and raised the demand for used cars as well as mechanical upkeep on old cars.

Ok, but how bad is it?

AutoZone CEO William Rhodes called the crisis "the most difficult supply-chain environment that I have ever seen" and said his company has "the lowest level of in-stock" in recent memory.

The United States imported more than $130 billion in auto parts in 2020.

Oh, that bad.

Welcome to Biden’s America.

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