01 November, 2021

This Might Be Reasonable. Probably Few of Them Deserve to Be Called ”Americans”

Don’t Call People ‘Americans’: Leading Parks Group Debuts Woke Guide | The Daily Wire

The nation’s leading parks nonprofit on Tuesday released a lengthy guide on how to speak in woke terms, including tips like avoiding using the term “Americans” and making sure the term “white” is lowercase while “Black” may be capitalized.

The National Recreation And Park Association’s (NRPA) exhaustive 17-page “Equity Language Guide” for parks and recreation professionals includes meticulous instructions on what words are acceptable or unacceptable in speaking about race, age, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.

I want to live in a society where it’s okay to hurt people’s feelings. I’m tired of the wimpification of America. And if you’re hurt by being called an American at a National Park, then stay home.

Biden’s America.


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