01 November, 2021

Whatever Happened to ”No Labels”?

UN draft calls for labeling social media users who have made "misogynistic" comments (reclaimthenet.org)

Specifically, the UN draft calls for placing labels on social media accounts that are determined to have posted misogynistic content.

The draft would also like tech companies to have more humans (as opposed to algorithms) make decisions on what is and isn’t abusive and threatening content targeting women.

And for those users concerned that internet trolling against them might actually turn into some type of real world harm – the UN proposal would have social sites implement an “early warning system.”

More thought police.

These people are correct that social media is basically unhealthy to pretty much everyone.

The answer is just to stay away. Think of social media as those parts of town that are unsafe to all, both those who pass through and those who live there. Unless you’re forced to, you don’t visit those areas. Do the same with social media.

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