01 November, 2021

I Am Sure They Wouldn’t Be Saying This if Trump Were Still President

Washington Post Op-Ed: Don’t ‘Whine’ About Supply Chain Shortages, Empty Shelves | The Daily Wire

We call this, “protecting the Democrat President”, not “unbiased journalism”.

Across the country, Americans’ expectations of speedy service and easy access to consumer products have been crushed like a Styrofoam container in a trash compactor. Time for some new, more realistic expectations.

Fast food is less fast. A huge flotilla of container ships is stuck offshore in California, waiting to unload. Shelves normally stocked with Halloween candy this time of year are empty, as I saw the other day at a Target here in Ann Arbor, Mich.

American consumers, their expectations pampered and catered to for decades, are not accustomed to inconvenience.

No, we aren’t used to it. We’re used to living in the greatest country in the world. The greatest economic power the world has ever seen. The country that transformed the entire world in about 100 years. We’re not accustomed to socialist economic failures. And we don’t want to become accustomed to that.

Shame on you for trying to make us feel guilty about American Greatness and for trying to make uses feel we deserve less. Whose side are you on, anyway?

The Washington Post isn’t worthy of being used as a place for your dogs to $#!+.

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