10 December, 2021

And the Other Half Are Lying

Half of U.S. Households Say Inflation is Causing Them Hardship – PJ Media

According to a new Gallup poll published on Thursday, 45% of households in the United States say that inflation is causing them financial hardship. Ten percent have reported experiencing “severe hardship” as a result of the rise in prices.

Those in the lowest income brackets are hit the hardest.

No, that last can’t be true. Team Biden told me that it’s an upper class problem only.

Among those living in households making less than $40,000 a year, 71 percent said the recent price hikes have caused their family financial hardship, compared with just 47 percent of those in middle-income households and 29 percent in upper-income households.

Gallup defined an upper-income household as those bringing in more than $100,000 per year.

Among lower-income households, 28 percent described the hardship they’re experiencing as “severe and affecting their ability to maintain their current standard of living,” Gallup said.

Inflation appears to be a non-partisan plague with little difference in opinion about it across party lines. A YouGov poll found that 8% of Democrats said they’re experiencing “severe hardship” as a result of inflation, compared with 11% among both Republicans and independents.

This doesn’t agree at all with what Team Biden is saying.

Odd, that.

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