10 December, 2021

Dr. Oz vs. Dr. Fauci Will Be an Epic Battle

Dr. Oz Running For Senate To Fight Authoritarian Response To COVID – ‘Values Under Attack’ (lifezette.com)

He’s going to literally be running against two people. His opponent and Dr. Fauci. And I expect that if he somehow wins, that the battle against Fauci will intensify. Unless somehow by next November we have recovered our sanity as a country and aren’t letting this stupid virus control us.

“I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand what went wrong and it’s emblematic of other issues we are struggling within our great country,” Oz explained. “Remember the phrase two weeks to flatten the curve? That metastasized into this terrible authoritarianism and overreaching that did not make us safer.”

“People with big yards told people with no yards to stay indoors because that’s where the virus was. Some closed the parks, shamed people about beaches — and now threatening the same overreach with the Omicron [variant] ….” he added.

I agree with him and his voice carries a lot of clout. People have been watching and listening to him for years. Rightly or wrongly, they will give his words some weight.

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