10 December, 2021

Democrats Aren’t Big on Consequences

When You Condone Chaos, You Condone the Consequences of Chaos (substack.com)

Democrats spent all of 2020 condoning, even encouraging riots. These riots were horrible and burned down and destroyed businesses and property. The Democrats didn’t care.

So, they shouldn’t be surprised when some of these rioters ended up dead.

This article is from a leftist who is not fully in possession of the facts on Kyle Rittenhouse. But he does understand cause and effect.

However, I do want to say this. At the time of the Kinosha riots, many many people along the left-of-center, including otherwise reformist liberals, endorsed riots to some degree or another. I know quite a few people who were willing to say that riots were just good on the merits, and there were also many saying in some terms or another that these particular riots could not be judged by progressive people due to what had inspired them. This sentiment stretches back a long way but has picked up steam in the last decade and the past year and a half particularly. Here’s a pro-riot piece and here’s a pro-riot piece and here’s a pro-riot piece and here’s a pro-rioting interview and here’s a pro-looting interview and here’s a riots-aren’t-necessarily-good-but-they-do-good-things piece and here’s a both-sidesy rioting piece and on and on. (And this is merely hilarious.) Pro-rioting sentiment is perfect for our edgelord media; it makes for good, click-farming headlines and engages in the kind of moral simplicity and righteous hectoring that defines our current culture.

Well, look: chaos is chaotic. Bad shit happens when people riot. When you create environments where anything can happen… anything can happen. Some people are going to take advantage of that opportunity to do things that you don’t like. You can’t endorse spasms of directionless violence and then complain when some of it plays out in a way that you hadn’t intended. This seems totally obvious to me, and yet so many out there want to both condone riots and condemn their chaotic outcomes. It’s like putting on music and getting mad when people dance.

So close to getting red-pilled. I doubt he makes it over the line soon, though. Still resisting.

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