08 December, 2021

Pretty Sure That Won’t Help Our Supply Chain Issues, but It Might Make the Roads a Little Easier to Travel

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Will Cause Massive Trucker Shortage, 2.5 Million to Quit (lifezette.com)

If they get their way and the mandate goes into effect January 22nd, the economy will be destroyed. And that’s not hyperbole.

Sure, the democrats will probably suffer massive losses in the November 2022 elections (if they aren’t allowed to cheat again), but we have to survive until that time.

One example of the economic destruction the mandate will bring is in the trucking industry.

CEO and American Trucking Association President, Chris Spear, appeared at a House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing last Wednesday and warned them that more than 2.5 million truckers would quit if the vaccine mandate goes ahead.

In a country already having supply chain issues and a shortage of truck drivers, the coming mandate is going to cause havoc on our country.


I’d be really worried if I thought this vax mandate had a prayer of ever going into effect. I don’t even think the Biden Administration wants it to anymore. They see what a disaster this whole thing has turned out to be. They’d run away from it if they could. But their best bet now is just to let it play out in court, and hopefully that will take a while. In the meantime, people that are worried about how the case will eventually turn out will go ahead and get vaccinated, or their employers will push it on them.

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