07 December, 2021

Media ”Never Really Liked” Andrew Cuomo

Do I have to go find the fawning praise lavished upon him myself? What a joke!

CNN Suspends Cuomo Over New Info Involving Brother; Cuomo Claims Media ‘Never Really Liked’ Brother | The Daily Wire

Chris Cuomo weighed in on the allegations made against his brother during an interview on SiriusXM, saying, “The game has rules.”

“And one of the general principles is you can fight against the other party, and you can fight against the media, but only if you have your party,” Chris Cuomo said. “Andrew had his party enforcing a rule against him that if you have accusations, you have problems, and you don’t really get to really vet the accusations, and you don’t get to go against your accusers.”

Yes, Andrew Cuomo is the true victim here.

But let’s not forget Chris:

“CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was suspended indefinitely by the network on Tuesday in the wake of new details about his efforts to assist his brother,” The New York Times reported, adding that while Chris Cuomo had apologized for advising his brother “thousands of pages of new evidence released on Monday by the New York attorney general, Letitia James, revealed that the anchor’s role had been more intimate and involved than previously known.”

I love it. These clowns will never get what they deserve, but at least they’re getting something.

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