10 December, 2021

Gee, Maybe the Should Have Never Censored It From the Beginning, Do You Think?

Facebook ends censorship of searches for "Kyle Rittenhouse" (reclaimthenet.org)

Facebook has reversed a policy implemented in August 2020, which banned searches of Kyle Rittenhouse. The company did not say why it reversed the policy.

That’s funny. They wouldn’t say why. Because saying why would have led to even more uncomfortable questions, like “why did you censor in the first place, before he’d even been tried?”

Facebook’s Director of Dangerous Organizations and Individuals team Brian Fishman said that the company had deemed the incident a mass murder so it removed the accounts of Rittenhouse on Facebook and Instagram.

The company also “blocked searches of his name” and “per standard practice in these situations,” removed “praise and support of the shooter.”

They decided this knowledge might be harmful to you, without you having to figure that out for yourself. Then that turned out to be the wrong decision, so they just quietly reversed it when forced.

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