08 December, 2021

My Two Middle Fingers to You Aren’t “Off the Table” Either

Domestic Travel Ban for Unvaccinated 'Not Off the Table' Says Psaki – PJ Media

Pretty sure that’s completely unconstitutional.

And certainly not something I would have any interest in observing.

However, like his vaccine mandate, a ban on domestic travel is also unconstitutional, as it is guaranteed under the Fourteenth Amendment.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration doesn’t even consider the Constitution as a guideline, let alone a set of rules.

Dr. Fauci also revealed back in September during an interview on the “Skimm This” podcast that a vaccine mandate for travel was under consideration. “I would support that,” he said. “If you want to get on a plane and travel, then you should be vaccinated.”

The scary thing is, they think they have the power to do this.

But remember, Trump was the autocrat.

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