08 December, 2021

I’m for the Escapees on This One

Widespread Manhunt Underway For Three Men, Possibly Aborigines, Who Escaped Australian Involuntary Quarantine Camp - Video - The Last Refuge (theconservativetreehouse.com)

The fact that Australia has Quarantine Concentration Camps is just reprehensible, so happy to hear about any escapees. Doubt they’ll enjoy life on the run though.

The events here are priceless, and weird, and just, well, nuts.  Last week people were stunned to discover the Chief Premier of Australia’s Northern Territory, Michael Gunner, had triggered an operation using the military to round up Aboriginal tribes and place them into a COVID quarantine facility called Howard Springs.

Premier Gunner became furious at people who questioned his decision and said the native Australians wanted to be in the camp. {Go Deep}  Well, early this morning three men scaled the wall in the Howard Springs quarantine camp and escaped.  Police are right now conducting a widespread manhunt for the escapees, all of whom tested negative for the virus.

The Darwin police are using helicopters, roadblocks and are conducting vehicle searches in order to recapture the men who Michael Gunner said “wanted to be in” the detainment and quarantine facility.  Something ain’t adding up.

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