11 December, 2021

Make Them Pay

Teacher forced to resign after criticizing mask mandates on social media files lawsuit (reclaimthenet.org)

A teacher from South Carolina has filed a lawsuit against the school district board and the superintendent claiming she was forced to resign over a post about mask mandates she made on her personal Facebook account. The lawsuit alleges wrongful termination.

Holly Chapman, a middle school teacher, was an employee of the Berkeley County School District until February this year. She was fired over a video she posted on Facebook criticizing mask mandates.

Ok, so this is a clear First Amendment violation. She is entitled to express her personal opinion, as long as it’s not in the classroom. In fact, many teachers get away with expressing far worse, in the classroom. Of course, they’re expressing the “right kind of opinion” (actually the left kind), so they never get fired.

She posted the video in December 2020. The suit notes that she was not friends with any of her students on Facebook. Besides, she used a pseudonym on her Facebook profile.

She even did it under a pseudonym?

I think the school district is in trouble. If I were them, I would find a way to settle quickly and quietly out of court.

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