07 December, 2021

He Doesn’t Know and Doesn’t Want to Know, and He Doesn’t Want Us to Know Either

Biden Hasn’t Released Report To American Public On How Many Illegal Aliens Are In U.S.: Report | The Daily Wire

The Department of Homeland of Security (DHS) has given Congress the report on the number of illegal aliens that are in the U.S. on expired visas but has not disclosed the information to the American public.

The Free Beacon reported:

Under the Immigration and Naturalization Service Data Management Improvement Act of 2000, the federal government is legally required to prepare an annual report on the number of foreign nationals who are suspected of overstaying their visas. That report must also be submitted to the House and Senate as part of a bipartisan effort to better track abuses in the country’s immigration system.

Subsequent appropriations bills for the Department of Homeland Security require the agency to post these reports publicly.

Well, that’s pretty simple. DHS doesn’t get any more money until they produce the report.

“For whatever reason, it appears political appointees are not disclosing a report produced by career subject matter experts. It’s consistent with the Biden administration’s general hostility to transparency,” former Immigration and Customs Enforcement senior adviser Jon Feere told the Free Beacon. “The Biden policies are a slap in the face to all State Department employees—the message is that all foreigners can ignore visa adjudicators and stay as long as they’d like.”

Hostility to transparency. I like it. Very apropos.

As are his other points.

The Biden Administration has laid out the welcome mat for illegal aliens, and they’re not about to change.

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